Mewgon's "ART" dump

Marigold- On Top of The World

Date Posted: December 6th, 2017, 4:40 pm
bonus points if you can guess the song name and band name ;)

Author Notes

Tried a crap ton of new stuff with this I tried using Shad's tutorial for grass (turned out well), tried using a coloured outline, tried using song lyrics for inspiration, etc etc. Enjoy! <3


@WiispNightmare: It took forever, and would've looked way worse without that tutorial Shad made. Thank her, not me! <3
On Top of the World, Imagine Dragons
@Shad is lazy: dingdingdingding
You passed the 'do people actually look at my alt text' test! Here, have a banana. :3

Also, thank you so much for the tutorial! <3
@TheMewgon40: no prob, glad it was helpful! :D
@ShadowStalker1128: Oh, it was beyond helpful! :D
Ey Shad do you know how to view alt text on a phone?
@WildfireK: you press down on the pic for a bit
Darnit it's not working XP
@WildfireK: idk then
Jeez that was fasst XD
@TheJGamer: Thanks! :D
Heeeeeheh I love the colored outline! It makes it look much cleaner!
@WildfireK: Oh, really? Maybe i should stick with it when i'm not doing comics...